24 Mar 2011

Love is in the air, we can feel it

I know it's been a while, but  my notebook's broken as well as my blackberry, that's why I couldn't even take photos to add using my PC.  Really nothing new has happened recently - random things like school and meetings with friends fulfill my time. Now the weather is really chill finally and we'll be ab;le to spend more time outside:) I've also done some shopping for the new season I forgot to mention - bought  orange Zara jeans, pink Zara dress, two spring/summer dresses in H&M  of which I'll post the photos soon and colorful striped skirt in H&M as well. I'm really satisfied because finally I've found some clothes in my xxs size which aren't baggy at all. Today I post yesterday's outfit, but I must confess as you'll see it in the photos I've ruined it by wearing dark tights , well there were really 3 PAIRS OF TIGHTS to keep me warm while being outside.
I also cannot wait til next week, which will be almost free of school and we'll take some photos out and about :)
Have a nice beggining of the new calendar season guys !:)


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