29 Mar 2011

I scream peach!

Spring has come for good! I hope the weather won't change , cause the life is such a pleasure these days when you wake up and light , warm sun rays touch your face :) The temperature is also higher what enable us to finally start wearing blazers, trenches and light jackets ! Finally I'll be able to go out without few layers of sweaters and jumpers! Everybody wakes up from the winter kip ! Full of energy and positive thinking i'm ready to make my organic fresh fruit and veggies juice , jump into colourful clothes and go out! I really feel as if my battery were already charged by sun :) I also feel like doing some shopping, cause it's been 3 weeks since I've last done it. Also the will of going to the UK for a few days is growing in myself, well, we'll see.
Hope you're all having a great time these days!

 Zara jeans, Zara polka dot blouse, H&M tights, River Island oxfords

1 comment:

  1. super! podoba mi się tu i będę zaglądać częściej

    zapraszam do siebie:)