7 Mar 2011

Je t'aime

Last night party was amazing! I'm so happy that I didn't stay at home, however I felt like sitting on the sofa or lying in bed because I had stomach-ache all day long yesterday. I am just really sad because of the photos from the party - I look terrible! And not because of the quality or smth just I look terrible! I REALLY REALLY gotta put on weight. Since last week I am eating high-protein diet also combined with lots of carbohydrates and healthy fats I hope it'll help, however it's harder to put on weight than to lose it... Well, spring has fortunately come for good I think, so soon we'll be able to leave coats and jackets at home woohoo! Now I post random outfit photos from last week.


1 comment:

  1. I love your green skirt and polka dot shirt outfit (: Very vintage chic.

    Your platform laceup boots are awesome too.

    Sorry for not commenting for so long, Judy!

    Good luck with your diet! I haven't heard of ppl trying to put on weight before! I think you look rly beautiful tho! Tall and skinny, like a model :D


    P.S. I noticed that my blog link was not on your sidebar? If you removed my link, I'll have to remove yours from my blogroll too ): Msg me if you want to have another link exchange!