25 Sep 2010

Leopard, sun and falling leaves

My week-long absence was caused by so many changes again. I decided to drop IB course and pass Polish high school diploma and then try to pass SAT or something. I just must have more time to think what I wil study, there are so many things that i'm interested in! I took up 13 subjects again, haha so now I will have quite a lot of work if u know me - ambitious as hell - that's why I will post a bit rarely, but I will try to keep on writing this blog. During summer I had loads of ideas for posts and no photos now I have loads of photos and no time to post them . I haven't even had time to read new issues of LOVE magazine, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, ELLE, FASHION, and other magazines. Now I am posting some looks from the last school week:
River Island leopard print leather bag, Mango boots, Zara blazer, Zara shirt, Parfois watch

leopard print tights H&M, sweater dress Primark, New look socks

For now that's all, in the next post I'm going to comment on some new S/S '11 collections from fashion weeks I especially liked.



  1. good luck on your studies!
    super cool bag btw ;)
    love it!

    Castor Pollux

  2. by the way, i don't see our blog on your blogroll... LOL. i've added you to my blog list, hope you'll do the same too! :D

    Castor Pollux