18 Sep 2010

Break in Brighton...

I am really sorry for such a long absence- I decided to move to the UK to continue my IB course there. However, after a week in this beautiful city I felt really homesick and came back , so let's treat this like a little trip, haha:). I love England, especially street style in places like London or Brighton, where multicultural society creates one specific fashion movement and everyone follows it even though everybody does it differently, in individual way. I could see lots of warm, thick tights worn along with socks and booties or brookes. I love this! I also bought a new bag for winter in River Island - I totally adore it! I'll take a photo of it with my winter jacket (it's brown with leopard print and golden accompaniments). I also bought brookes boots in River Island, fall trousers, thick socks, and really warm sweater (u can see it in the photo below) in New Look and some stuff in Primark of course:). I am really happy and satisfied of my shopping :). Now this is my the-day-before-yesterday- outfit :

Zara shorts, River Island brookes, Parfois clock, Topshop bag, Primark ring, New Look jumper

And some more photos from Brighton:

With my sister Nadia :)

I also bought September issues of Love magazine and Haper's Bazaar, which i can't wait to read :)
That's all for now, I have to pack off and then take photos of new outfits!:)


  1. Awesome outfit! I love your shoes ♥

  2. Your outfit is so amazing! I really love your shorts( I have hte same ones ;) ) and your shoes are so cool!

  3. Love the New Look jumper! Very English chic.