8 Sep 2010

Cold days, fur vest, emu boots and green tea...

First of all, please excuse me for such a long break - last post a week ago that's horrible feeling for me, because i don't wanna start my blog from posting one note a week. However, summer ended and school started... but not for me yet. I had a facial last week, that's why i couldn't go out for a few days - therefore i didn't have any outfits to take photos of, because the only things i was wearing were leggings , nike trainers and few layers of jumpers and cardigans while i was walking my dog , which was the only one activity through the last few days. Apart from this, I've been stressing out about my new boots - at home I realised that actually the saleswoman was wrong- she told me they were size 39 (US 8) (i've got US 7, but they were 'a bit' tight so I thought this 8 will be good while i was trying them on ), however they were actually 36 ! (US 5!) that's why this ''little'' tightness occured while trying them on in the shop. So, I waited until I was able to go out and went to shop, where she gave me money back, but I was soo upset and mad - I DIDN'T HAVE BOOTS AGAIN! I wanted those and only those, so I asked where is the next Mango shop - about few hours away from my home place. It was terrible. I realised finally I could go online to shop them. And my LOVELY, ADORABLE Asos.com <- came to help me - they were here - my beautiful boots and even my size! (UK 5) were waiting for me. And now I am waiting for them, but posting their photo from the website for you guys to have an idea which one I am writing about : 
Actually, they look so much better while on foot, but you will see in the outfit, when I finally get them.

I also planned to buy the new issues of British Harper's Bazaar and  Vogue, but while I was looking at the shelves in Empik I saw the new issue of Acne Paper!!! I immediately bought it without any moment of consideration . Today I am going to read this, because there is so much great stuff to read! :

Tomorrow I will post the new outfit for sure, because I've got so much of them to take photos of and totally no time to do it at all. When I was out this one day taking my boots back to shop I was wearing my new All Saints skull t-shirt with black cardi ,black fur vest and denim leggings from Zara combined with carmel Aldo bag and the same coloured Emu boots (it's already sometimes really cold in Poland). I'll try to take photo of this outfit too and post it as soon as possible. 



  1. the boots you bought are very nice! :)

  2. Ack I hate when that happens. Returning items is annoying and a waste of time, but it's necessary!

    I'm glad you got your money back tho.

    I've never bought stuff from Asos but I might try :3 It's hard for me to online shop cuz I can only pay with bank transfer or mailed cheque D: I don't have a credit card =.="

    Can't wait to see the outfit :D

  3. IB is getting hard, that's all I'm gonna say!

    Are you in IB11 or IB12?

    I can't wait to graduate in may sigh.
    But have to get through all the tests and exams first = =

  4. Acne Paper is the best!