1 Sep 2010

summer is over for good...

To begin with, I finally bought lace up boots, however not those I mentioned in previous note. Why? Well, I got up on a Monday morning, ate and took a shower, then went to the shopping mall thinking about my lovely boots non-stop. When I finally got to Zara and asked for those boots from display I heard 'well, we don't have them anymore, sorry'. I was soooo pissed off and sad! However, decided to look for another boots in Zara. I found beautiful ones, in this redish - wine colour I wanted , however the heel was to skinny to wear with my woolen winter coat. It just wouldn't fit together. I went to TRF Zara zone and find nice brown leather lace ups, however the heel was really too short. But I said ' well, fall came for good. I am goin to look for boots in an hour in other shops, if i don't find anything, i will buy them'. I went to Venezia, Benetton, Aldo, even Bershka... nothing there. And suddenly, walking through the mall I saw THOSE BEAUTIFUL, BROWN SUEDED LACE-UP BOOTS in Mango display. I instantly run into the shop and asked for 38... but there were only 39! But, I tried them on, and they suited perfectly!!! They are sooo comfortable! They fit my trench coat, also this parka i'm going to buy! I am so happy, I spent more money than I wished - 85 euros (it's not so much however ones in Zara were chipper and I wanna buy few more pairs for winter) but I totally adore them. Post a photo and outfit with them in next note:)
   Today my school has finally started, this is what I wore for assembly :

H&M black dress and Zara high-heels

It's already cold, so I dressed my trench coat at the top. 
I also post my look from monday's shopping, it was raining as well (it's been raining since monday non-stop)

Aldo carmel bag, Zara jeggings, Zara trench coat, Vero Moda frill shirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs wellingtons

I also decided I have to put on wight a bit, although still continue eating only healthy food, but a bit more . Here my rye flour pancakes (made form rice milk, eco egg and without sugar) with banana:

And I have already bought almost all September issues of magazines, just still have to buy British Vogue and Harper's Bazaar (cause we dont have ones in Poland) 

In next note I'll post outfit with new boots :) 


  1. Thank you very much for rollowing, I'm following you back, your blog is good :) Love the trench ♥

  2. Love these two outfits!

    I can't wait to see your boots!
    Omgosh I'm glad everything worked out haha

    You know what I hate? Buying something in full price and then the next day, it's on SALE for like 50% off or something. :/

    Sorry for being random LOL

  3. Thanks for your comment & hype @ lookbook. I really appreciate it! :) You look great at these pictures. Nice blog. Hope you will become a follower of my blog too?


  4. those zara heels are stunning dear :)
    am a fan of zara heels too, especially their ankle boots LOL

    Castor Pollux
    p.s wanna follow for follow?
    let me know

  5. OH I didn't say this before but that dress is so fabulous. Love the detailing in the neck :D

    AND YEAH. But I DO love sales. Only when I feel like I've got the best price on something!