25 Aug 2010

Transparent blouse and lace bra

Today i'm posting monday's outfit, which (what didn't surprise me at all) has been a bit controversial to wear in my city. There people haven't got used to this yet, we cannot even find a few women who would wear transparent shirt/blouse without bra or with one which is really apparent. They would rather wear white bra with white shirt and black one with dark shirt not to be visible for people. On the one hand, it's ok if they are not convinced to this enough, although i'd prefer to live in a place where i could go out wearing white t-shirt with no bra and nobody would look as if i was insane. However, i think i'd have to wait to let people get used to this. For now, i don't care about them and wear whatever i want to ,haha. It's not so visible in this photos, anyway, cause sun was shinin too much when photos were taken. 

(in real this blouse is half transparent)
aldo sandals, primark bag, mango blouse, jeans shorts, h&m necklace

And I also post photo with high heels, which actually I adore, however both options were equally suitable, so i didn't know which one to choose.

*high heels bought in Toledo during holidays

Always when I lose weight, even a few kilos, i suddenly start to feel cold almost non stop. That's why this year i've been waiting for summer really impatiently. However, i must admit, fall is my favourite season in fashion. I love buying new coats every year, i adore all fall accesories - leather (especially croco) bags, high heel boots, this year's wedge boots (they're really gorgeous) , even leathers gloves. 
My favourite trends this fall are definitely :
* Military coats - especially those from burberry show, when saw them, I instantly fell in love - navy blue , wool coats with gold buttons - essence of elegance in my opinion. Then, I found perfect one in Topshop, however until I ordered it was already sold out. Then I went to shopping mall in my area and saw this beautiful navy blue coat with gold buttons - even more beautiful than one from Topshop! - in Zara. I left all my      clothes which i picked earlier in shop and bought the coat, being so happy as i only could be. I must confess here- I'm addicted to them. Every year at least 2 new coats are my must-have. I will post photo of it in the next note.
* Parkas - I love them. Although i don't have one yet, i will buy it for sure. Parka is irreplaceable when it comes to this autumn rainy days, when u don't feel like wearing trench coats with high heels. You just put parka, messenger bag and flat boots - voila!
Vila parka from Asos.com

* Camel - I adore this colour. I bought trench coat in camel this summer, and I'm definitely going to buy some cigarette- trousers (if u know what i mean) as well. I also adore winter coats in camel, but maybe I will leave this topic, because one more coat and I will have to buy new wardrobe for them, haha.
* Red accesories - when i saw this trend I was really happy, because I instantly thought about my navy coat - red leather bag will suit to it perfectly in my opinion ! I would also like to buy redish or plum coloured high
 heel boots to this. It will look perfect I think. I would also like ot show you boots I fell for:
Yves Saint Laurent high heel boots from net-a-porter.com

* Leather aviator jackets with fur collars - I totally adore them! Especially from new Acne collection. Although I bought my outerwear and now i must focus on accesories for fall, I think that maybe if I find some bargain I will buy jacket like this one from Asos :

Soon I will post photos of pieces I have already bought for fall and also list what I have in plans yet. But also be prepared for some summer outfits - it's not over yet!



  1. I adore your outfit! The sandals definitely make the look. Stunning. :)

    xoxo Hannah

  2. Amazing outfit, Love your look! xx


  3. its nice to see a great comment from a stylish reader like you !!
    i love the whole outfit combination !
    its just awesome :)

    glistersandblisters dot com

  4. I think the heels is a nice touch to the outfit! Also, I know how people can be so... I don't know, closeminded about things. So what if you want to wear a half transparent top? Or if I want to wear nothing but a bodysuit outside? (I would if I really wanted to)
    Jeez ppl.

    I think you look super chic. Like a model! <- I've said it again. Lol. You look so tall! I'm jealous <- again.

    Why are you trying to lose weight? I don't think you need to. You look thin :D