24 Aug 2010

Last days of summer

Hi, this is my first post, although i've been having plans to start writing this blog since last year I've just never had enough time to take photos of my every day outfits or simply forgot to do it. Anyway, I love reading such blogs as well as looking for some inspirations on street style sites and lookbook. I will try to post new notes every day if i only manage to do it. Apart from clothes I will also report there everything what inspires me,  some random things from my every day life, and also comments about fashion and latest trends. For now, this is my outfit from sunday, which was very hot and sunny , beautiful day.

I'm wearing zara jeggings, asos top, aldo studded flats, h&m necklace and primark bag
*Please excuse the quality, but this photo was taken with my blackberry, not professional camera


1 comment:

  1. That tube top is amazing! You look like a model -- I'm so jealous lol :3

    You're in IB as well? Auugh I rly hate it D: I'm taking Chemistry HL, English HL, and Psychology HL.

    Math SL, Bio SL, French SL, and TOK of course.

    I'm doing my EE on The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath (so my topic is English!)

    What about you? :3
    I still have a long ways to go... I hate the EE :P

    thanks for visiting! xxx Love your blog. I'm adding you to my links as well (;