27 Aug 2010

Fall is coming to town..

Please excuse lack of new outfit yesterday, however as usually I've been sitting at home in the morning, eating lunch slowly although I had only 30 mins for my train to leave, and of course I finished running out from home to the taxi just 3 mins before it left. So, there were no chances ot take photo anyway. Today I woke up listening to rainy windy weather outside, and realised that fall is finally coming for good. Therefore, today I'm posting photos of some pieces I have already bought for fall and also those which are waiting on my 'what to buy list'.

1.  My Marc by Marc Jacobs wellingtons . I have this strong feeling for shoes , bags and coats which is also very dangerous - I love collecting them. Although I had bought one wellingtons year ago (when I was preparing myself to spend fall in the UK) I immediately fell in love with those when I saw them in an online shop. I planned to buy 2 pairs for fall - some workers' boots, which I could wear with parka and some high heel boots to wear with my coats. However, I couldn't resist so I decided that my first shoes for fall will be those adorable Marc Jacobs wellys, which could be worn with everything - starting with cardigans , through trenches to parkas.

2. Zara trench coat
I had this bright yellow trench for two years, bought in times when I totally fell in love with gossip girl season 1 outfits with bright coloured coats, white shirts with ribbons and knee high socks. However I have always felt lack of this traditional, basic beige trench which I would wear during colder fall days. I planned to buy one from Asos.com,however on one of my shopping trips I saw this one in Zara and took it with me to the changing room. I was thinking more about some longer one, however when I put this on, I realised that it's ideal for my height (i'm 164cm) and also the material (which is also not actually the one I wanted - It's something water-resistant) is great for those rainy days which are about to come soon.

(It's just as I put this in wardrobe back from shop, haven't ironed yet)
3. Zara winter coat
I wrote about this in previous note - military, dark navy blue coat with golden buttons - the one I've dreamt of since I had seen similar in Burberry F/A collection. Although I have usually preferred the simple tailoring (what my girlfriends always blamed me for - 'Judy u could finally buy something girly, not so serious! -however I havealways boght more architectural, geometrical and simple ones ) this one is a bit dress-like from waist to down and it emphasise the hips , so it fits ideally for me having more asparagus body shape. 

4. All Saints t-shirt
Although It's not exactly the fall piece, I bought it recently during Asos.com clearance , priced 18 pounds, (cannot remember how much it was before the sale now)

And now, what I am still going to buy very soon :

1. Asos croco bag 
I know, I wanted to buy redish coloured accesories for my military coat, although I fell in love with this bag so deeply, that it will be my first choice for sure. 

2. Marc by Marc Jacobs shopper bag
When I join pre-IB class last year, I realised that it's such a good idea to carry actually two bags with you to school - one handbag with your stuff such as make up bag, phone, calendar and everything you carry every day, and second one to carry all your books. I wish I had come up with this idea earlier, before all my last year handbags' handles broke. So, I plan to buy this one to carry all school stuff in this, it's canvas and suitable for books I think.  (I was going to by one from the line Miss Marc by Marc Jacobs with those funny little cartoon girl and pets, however they didn't ship to Poland. So, I chose the plain, black one and again - shipping to US only on Bergdorf Goodman. So, I decided to buy this one:

3. Asos messenger bag
Except of this beuatiful croco bag I'm going to buy also some more vintage-looking , made of 'old' leather bag which will be suitable to parka or cardigan and some more grunge-lookng outfit.

For now that's all, although I have few more pieces on my 'to buy' list, I haven't seen any concrete online yet. I promise tomorrow new outfit will be posted for sure! 


  1. i'm so so so jealous of your mbmj boots!

  2. Love your trench coat and winter coat. I STILL NEED TO BUY SOME. I keep borrowing my mother's :3 She doesn't like it. I need to buy my own hehe.

    That Skull Family tee is amazing! very... vintage inspired. Love it.

    I hope you get everything you want! Those bags rock.

  3. amazing boots!!! and the bags are lovely!!


  4. OMG I love that Audrey Hepburn esque coat :O

  5. you have a great selection of jackets and coats !

    hope you've had a nice and relaxing weekend :)
    glistersandblisters dot com