2 Sep 2011

metalic rocky nasty girl

Hey everyone!
Today I post the outfit which waited a few days, because I've been really busy recently:)
I really like the metalic trend, especially combined with leather and black colour, this is a bit grungy and rocky and also cosmic, so we can say few fashion directions join and create a bit galactic look.
I put my new H&M metalic sweater together with old Zara leather pants, H&M vitage bag and my new boots also from H&M (I love them - basic black booties with small heel, I only wish there's no platform what would make them more comfortable)
I also dyed my hair again a little lighter, so I think It looked ok:)

School has already started and I feel like I haven't done so many things I planned to... Time flies too quickly! However, I am really excited for the the season , however there are still few things on my must-have to-buy list , like a colourful fur for example.
Have a nice evening


  1. A ja Ci zazdroszczę butów <3. Faaajne są!

  2. Love your top! Cool outfit! :D

  3. Świetne buty, stylizacja również bardzo mi się podoba, dla siebie tylko wolałabym bardziej dopasowane te spodnie :> Zestawienie fantastyczne !!

  4. wyglądasz świetnie :)
    zapraszam do mnie :)

  5. bardzo fajowo wygladasz cała w czerni!!


  6. Nie mogę znaleźć nigdzie Twojego maila. Proszę o pilny kontakt z PS.

  7. Ten zestaw bardzo mi się podoba jest świetny.