17 Jul 2011

Print mix

The reason why I haven't posted for a while again is simply... my laziness. When I don't have to go out much I just try to relax staying in and walking through meadows, thinking and reading magazines, surfing the net. I just don't feel like dress up much when I'm at home, wearing simple summer dresses and flat sandals, which I have to take a photo of as well, because I've got many pieces I haven't made the outfit with yet.
Today I am posting photos of my last shopping trip.
Wearing my DeeZee wedges, Zara blouse, blazer and jeans with Rive rIsland bag.
I know many people may not accept this print and colours combination, but I like to break the rules sometimes. Although I don't think I'll wear those wedges often, I think  they don't fit me much, what's your opinion?

I also cannot wait for the Fashion Poeple Poland book in Empik stores, because hadn't managed to buy it on Allegro before.
Have a nice Sunday,


  1. I love the print combination - I am always a bit scared to clash prints, but I do love leopard print with anything:) You look great!

  2. Dziwne nie dziwne, ale urzekł mnie ten marynarkowy guzik! Klasa!
    Naturalnie przezacne buty, uwielbiam ten motyw z pazurem (u mnie też ostatnio wystąpił).


  3. fajny kolor marynarki :)

  4. hej(: tak, jestem z okolic katowic, a dlaczego?

  5. Lovely outfit! Definitely loving your leopard printed boots!
    Great blog! Following you :) Keep blogging!

  6. Mega zestaw! bardzo mi się podoba! :) zdecydowanie będę zaglądała tutaj częściej :) pozdrawiam!