17 May 2011

gingers are cool

Hey guys!
I haven't written for few days, because didn't manage to find any free time to post. As you well know summer is closer and closer and there is so much stuff at school now.. However I fortunately took some photos, so that I could post whenever I find some free time:) Recently the weather is so nice that we don't even think about sitting at home after school anymore :) Enjoy walking around the city, shopping and relaxing :).
Today I post the photo with last week's outfit. I wore Zara white blouse, combined with orange Zara jeans, Vero Moda red belt and violet Top secret wedges. The bag is from River Island ( I know AGAIN but cannot help it - I've totally fallen in love with it recently). That's a bit risky combo, but I liked it . Now going to relax a bit after school and maybe watch some tv series then gonna download more pics from my camera, the outfits are waiting :) I also have to buy a basket-like bag , it's on my to-buy list. Apart form this haven'tposted the photo of my NEW ALDO SANDALS yet, so promise to do it soon!

Have a great afternoon

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  1. Love it!! Let´s follow each other