21 May 2011

colors on my clothes, colors on my head

Recently I haven't had enough time to blog every day, that's why today I am posting some outfits from last week. I also dyed my hair red, which wasn't planned - it supposed to be orange, so then I dyed it again and now they are REALLY ORANGE such as my Zara jeans... well I am going to make them blonde but not sure yet, because I realised that I look better in dark hair because of the dark eyes and eyebrows.. I'll see. There are my last week's outfits :)

Zara jeans, H&M top, Nike sneakers

Aldo sandals, Zara jeggings, Zara blouse and blazer, River Island bag, H&M bracelet, VeroModa belt

Mango boots, Zara jeggings,blouse and blazer

Aldo shoes, Zara dress, H&M bracelets and stone ring



  1. W pierwszym zestawie buty zupełnie nie pasują, pozostałe są bardzo fajne, ale jesteś taka chudziutka! Ładne te buty z aldo, dawno kupowałaś? :)

  2. Hi Judy !
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment, you're so nice ♥.

  3. & Let's say that you look gorgeous in every outfit of this post, gosh ♥.

  4. Beautiful shoes!

  5. hey judy just to let you know i am using one of your photo and credited it back to ur blog and followed u as well. ;) xx