5 May 2011

Crochet blouse

Hey guys! 
Recently I've been just sitting at home and relaxing, going for a long walks with my mum, trying new recipes and so on. I'm just trying to use this time to relax as much as I can before coming back to school on Monday. That's why there are unfortunately no outfits photos, because at home I don't like to dress up actually. I wear H&M flower dresses from spring/summer '10 and '11 collection non stop, combining with thick tights and oxford shoes when I go out. Once I've decided to get inspired by TAVI, i don't know why just this outfit reminded me of her-I wore flower leggings with thick socks you can see it in the photos below. I also bought a beautiful crochet top in H&M last Saturday when I went shopping which you can see below.
There will be an outfit post soon -promise! 
I also MUST buy some hanger loops in Ikea soon, because clothes don't fit into my wardrobe anymore! And I have soo many pieces to make outfits with I haven't shown on my blog yet!

Hope you're having a great time

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  1. the crochet top is full of loveliness!