12 Apr 2011

Mint and orange

 New post, finally! I've been trying to get myself up to take some outfit photo, unfortunately didn't have time or my camera ran off the battery, so finally today I post a look. I've been shopping recently and actually I bought something I didn't plan to - an A-shape dress in Zara, because it fitted me perfectly, the material is great and I felt really comfortable in it. I hope you'll see it soon here :) I also bought the mint jumper from today's outfit and a  striped t-shirt in H&M both cropped so that i could wear it with naked belly on the top in summer :). I didn't buy the colorful blazer in Zara, cause I wasn't fully convinced about the feeling I had wearing it, so decided to think it up again. 
 Apart form this I visited Douglas and Sephora, took sample of Shiseido Perfect Refining and Clinique Redness Solutions foundations. I think I'll choose Clinique one, because Shiseido hasn't surprised me really positively, but also wasn't bad. For now I'm using Dior Skin Nude and Clinique Even Better and I'm content with those :)
 I also plan to take a flight to the UK soon, I hope it'll work! River Island, Topshop, Starbucks and beach are waiting !:)


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