26 Jan 2011

Let's get the party started

Today I've spent lazy day at home, trying to force myself to learn business. However the chapter I should read now is more about psychological side of humans which is soo uninteresting for me! I am totally not into psychology. Well, almost all the time I've been surfing the net and reading fashion blogs , sometimes making breaks to watch tv. Tomorrow I'm gonna finish business and learn English and Maths for the following week's exams - on Monday my winter break ends. I've also made some outfit, because as I wrote in last post  I've got so many clothes I don't have photos of in my wardrobe, so there you've got a pretty party outfit - khaki H&M leggings with leather pats, skull top by H&M DIVIDED, golden net vest from ZARA at the top and high heel sandals from ZARA as well :)

Have a great day,


  1. interesting layering!
    And I love these leggins, girl <3

  2. hi j., thanks for the comment! i didn't even know you have a blog so let's follow each other! i really like the leggins up there, my friend has the same in black but i'm afraid i'd look too fat wearing them!
    i do love winter despite of the fact is freezing. there's no better season to make your outfits look as cute and cosy!
    take care,