25 Jan 2011

I don't wanna snow anymore

Last week has been full of surprises, unfortunately not exactly nice ones... winter has come back for good. Although it's not -15 degrees again, minus few degrees is enough for me not to feel like going outside. Yesterday I went to the shopping mall with my friend, however didn't buy anything because I've already bought few pieces in the Internet recently. I've bought Asos dress and can't wait to post some outfit with it. I have also realised that I am having so many clothes in my wardrobe which I have never had chance to take a photo of outfit with, that I'm gonna use the last week of my winter break and post some more looks. Also I'm gonna take a photo of my other coats, cause every time I post a look I wear the same, new one although I've got few more , cause I'm totally in love with them. I am also planning to buy a fur coat if I'll find any yet, because I think thateven if I don't use it this year, it'll definitely serve me the next. How are you doing? I hope you're having great time at the end of January so far!
This is my yesterday's outfit (photographed inside, the weather didn't let me take a photo in the garden) :

Zara studded bag, Zara fur vest, Zara chained tee, Zara boots, Zara leather pants, H&M hat


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  1. Thanks for your comment!(-:
    Just keep looking after the Mary.Kate and Ashley book!