23 Nov 2010

Winter preparations :)

Hey, I haven't written there for such a long time! It's been caused by total lack of time, which I wish I had at least about twice more than I do. I really barely manage to do everything for school, sleep about 7 hours (which still isn't perfect for me ) and sometimes catch up with my friends, go shopping and relax. Recently I've gone shopping with my mum to buy some new skincare products (I was thinking about Dr Murad Acne Treatment System, anyway I've chosen Avene Thermal Cosmetics, which I believe will be great). I also bought some little cute goods to my room such as pink butterfly photo frames and also visited healthy organic food store where I spent so much time you wouldn't even believe ^_^. Today I'm going to post the outfit from this Saturday and also I will try to post new looks more often I hope I'll succeed this time. 
Apart form this - winter is coming! According to weather forecast tomorrow it's gonna snow there! So I'm really excited to wear my uggs, winter pink coat with leopard fur collar and I also have new things on my to-buy list - some hat (maybe this one with bear ears from Topshop?) and also leopard - print gloves, probably from Asos.com . I also plan to paint and generally redecorate my room, I will post photos when I finish.
I'm absolutely happy and excited about Christmas! I know for some people that's only 2-3 days, but for me it's entire month or more of watching beautiful decorations, thinking about Christmas gifts and buying them, new make-up collections, and NEW YEAR'S EVE! (Which I also must buy a new dress for..) It'll probably be some from the new River Island party collection on Asos.com. There I post my oufit :
I wear River Island Leopard Bag, H&M redish-brown tights, MANGO sueded brown boots, Asos.com Floral dress, New Look Brown Jumper, Zara black fur vest, Vero Moda belt and H&M jewelry.

Also, I'm sorry for the photo quality, but it's been taken at night (now sun goes down rly quickly). As you know I also like healthy food, there I post photo of my recently- invented salad:
Delish, isn't it?
Have a great day,



  1. Hi Judie !
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog.
    I love your outfit, & OMG, your meal seems seriously delicious !

  2. Whaoooo, thanl you so much for putting a link of my blog in your blog list, it makes me sooo happy *o*.