18 Jun 2011

H&M autumn 2011 collection preview

I haven't written for quite a long time, that's because I didn't have enough time during last week to take photos of my outfits, then my notebook broke and I had some equipment problems. Hope to post some outfit from last week tomorrow, and going to take new photos on monday for sure! I have also bought some new stuff recently. The last purchase is my new white Sony Vaio which I am in love with. Today I post some photos of H&M fall 2011 collection which I saw few hours ago and totally fell for them! I would already like to shop them! I especially love first two coats - white one and black one with leather sleeves. I have never bought coats in H&M, but I MUST have them I cannot wait for this collection to appear! Enjoy.

I only posted pieces I loved the most. I don't know why, but as much as I love summer and don't really like grey, sad autumn weather I love autumn clothes and I always can't wait for teh new season. Fashion is something beautiful, but it doesn't really let you enjoy the current season cause it's running so fast ahead, don't you think?


  1. coś nie mam przekonania do tej kolekcji..ale zielony sweter mógłby być w mojej szafie ;)