3 Jun 2011

colors and patterns

Yesterday I decided to combine my patterned,a bit hippie-styled blouse (which I bought a few years ago and I still come back to it) with green skirt, thicker tights (because the weather was a bit colder yesterday) and high heeled sandals I have recently fallen for Maybe the inspiration to make this outfit came from street style photos on Facehunter, Stockholm Streetstyle and Style.com where I saw thousand of thousand of streetstyle photos where people were really well dressed and made a great impression on me and suddenly I realised that they all had something unusual in their looks - there were avand-gard patterns, stylish and really original bags or very sophisticated jewellery. Then this though came ot my mind - It's good to be minimalistic, simple and 'safe', but we should also try to make some new connections, break the rules and be brave in showing our own personal style. I ma going shopping tomorrow and next weekend, so I hope to bring some new pieces, maybe I'll find something really original. For now on my buy list there's a new blazer for sure , preferably colorful , standard jeans, colorful neon clutch and maybe a new dress or pair of sandals, we'll see:)

VeroModa blouse, Zara skirt, Aldo shoes, River Island sandals, H&M ring, New Look tights



  1. pretty, great look, so nice skirt and shoes

  2. bardzo ładna torebka i pierścionek:)


  3. very special outfit!! I love it!!
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  4. bardzo dobre połączenie!


  5. świetny styl! jestem pod wrażeniem

    zapraszam do obserwacji www.pozerki.pl

  6. bardzo fajnie, uwielbimy Twojego bloga za naprawde oryginalne stylizacje :) pozdrawiamy!

  7. Heya Judy! I'm loving this look. Good luck with finding those personal-touch pieces! Your style gets better and better with every post, tho you were pretty stylish to start with too! I look back sometimes at my old posts and wonder.. why I wore what I wore >< Lol.

    Love you.

  8. podoba mi się to połączenie bluzeczki i spódniczki! i masz genialne buty ;D gdzie je kupiłas?

  9. Super pierścionek ! Zakochałem się <3