5 Feb 2011

Leopard wedges

I'm really happy of the fact I've decided to buy those leopard wedges recently. They're so comfortable I can walk in them all day long and don't feel any type of discomfort :) I ahve to buy a new camera finally, because my Canon doesn't take good photos ,and, what's more is run of battery most of the time 'cause something happened with the accumulators. That is why most of my pics are totally screwed in terms of quality, because I take most of them with my Blackberry. Anyway, this is my yesterday's outfit where you can see those booties I'm totally in love right now :).
I can't wait to spring, although today is quite warm it's soo sleepy - windy and cloudy day ... All I'd like to do right now is sitting on the sofa and reading new ELLE, however I have to write down tons of notes from Bio, Polish and other stuff ( thank you http://tumturumtum.blogspot.com for the Bio notebook :)) 
Have a great day

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  1. haha you're welcome! hope you'll be the first person who will finally get 5 from biology at the end of the term :D
    PS you better get ready for our eighteen birthday party, there's one month left!