26 Feb 2011


There was a party on Saturday, which I really wanted to attend but unfortunately didn't feel well, so decided to stay in entire day and even skipped lessons that day. Fortunately most of my friends managed to attend, and Agness was a photographer so all the people who didn't could see the photos from the party at least. I was also really happy when I got the message on Friday morning that she was going to take her camera to school so that I could finally have some professional photos taken not some shitty blackberry stuff. Here you can see some of the taken at school:

Vero moda blouse, H&M shorts, H&M tights, River Island oxfords, H&M necklace

In first photos I've got shorter hair, because during the midday break I was at hairdresser's and cut them a little ,haha.Once again thank you Ag! (http://tumturumtum.blogspot.com) and I really cannot wait 'til next Sunday to girls' birthday party! It will be amazing I know it ! I also wanted to thank Justine (http://parisiennemoonlight93.blogspot.com) who put me in favourite blogs in her contest you must definitely check out their blogs guys!

Have a nice weekend,

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