21 Feb 2011

Black and sequins

The overwhelming laziness has come and doesn't want to leave me... I hardly pushed myself today to read one of the 3 novels I ahve to prepare for my Polish lessons, not talking about anything else which I just ignored. Fortunately tomorrow school starts at 10:50, so maybe I'll force myself to some brain activity before going to school. I've also decided that I DEFINITELY MUST put on some weight, that's why we ade some changes with my mum in our daily menu making it more various, of course while shopping in organic food store and we spent some time online looking for some yummy healthy recipes in the Internet.
Because of this lazy time my today's outfit at school was very simple - H&M black sequin tunic worn as dress, ZARA blazer, simple black tights, PRIMARK necklace and DEEZEE black pumps on my feet.
I also cannot wait for spring - it's - 11 degrees here in Poland again, I just CAN'T STAND THIS !

Haha, isthere anything better than self-made photos in school toilet?



  1. I'm in love with this outfit ; you're so pretty *-*.

  2. so i'm waiting for samojebeczki! nie wiem czy wstawię ten tutorial, bo aktualnie szukam jakie zastosowanie ma pcr w inżynierii genetycznej (lol)