10 Jan 2011

Snow is melting, all around me..

It's only January and the snow is already starting to melt, because of warmer weather. I am personally happy because of that fact, cause the polish winter can really make you hate this season - minus 14 C degrees outside while you are waiting for a train to school is not a pleasure even if u wear few jumpers, coat, Uggs and tights under trousers as I used to during the most freezing times. This week I am finally going to take some outfit pics, because recently I haven't got enough time to do it. What's more, I must buy batteries to my camera and eventually start taking pics by camera not my Blackberry, because the quality is - as u could see on my pics- not satysfying... Well, today I am posting few random photos taken in my room :) One more week and winter break begins - yoopie.
Hope u r havin a great time

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