27 Dec 2010

Christmas , New Year and Spring trends

Hi folks, lately I've been really seeking for Christmas break because of so much stuff at school. I was so extremely exhausted that every milimeter of my body couldn't stand the thought of going out / going to school. Anyway, now I've been relaxing as well as treating my cold for the last two and half of a day, that's why I had some free time to visit vogue.com and watch some 2011 Spring collections shown in Milano. I must say, there are few things that may be surprising, such as totally flat shoes in Marni collection, however most of the things are every year trends like animal prints, flounces, floral prints, earth colours etc.

Those are collections I loved the most:

#1 First of all Emilio Pucci - I am totally in love with those saturated , bright colours, flowy dresses, beautiful shape-flattering blouses and trousers, as well as those dleicate materials all clothes are made of. In terms of shoes, really high leather boots suit mini dresses very well .I was also impressed by white suit - pretty classy but casual proposition for spring. This collection is definitely my number one of Milano Fashion Week. My favourite pieces are: WHITE MESH-LIKE MAXI DRESS it's soo tight and beautiful!  and SEA- BLUE MINI DRESS WITH LITTLE SEQUINS worn with delicate golden sandals - so classy, so elegant and ethnic as well. Amazing. There is short video from the show:

Vogue Gallery                   Vogue Gallery
Vogue Gallery
Vogue Gallery
Vogue Gallery              Vogue Gallery

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